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How To Pick Quality Uniforms For Your Employees With A Trusted Uniform Company

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and when you run a business with customer-facing employees, having excellent-quality uniforms is a must. Not only do uniforms let consumers know that someone is a professional with your business staff, but the quality of the uniforms goes a long way towards establishing the subtle standards customers should expect of your services, products, and customer experience and treatment. This understated aspect of your branding is critical, so keep reading to learn nine tips in picking top quality uniforms for your employees:

1) A Variety Of Sizes

Even if you’re doing a one-time order for your current staff, it’s a good idea to order 10 to 20 percent extras across a variety of sizes. You’ll have them on-hand for new hires, and you can be ready for anyone who goes through a size change, as an employee losing a lot of weight, someone who gets pregnant, or someone whose physique changes due to an illness or accident. Having spares around also helps when uniforms get torn, stained, or lost.

2) Simple Reordering

Try and order from an establishment that can easily create more uniforms for you in the future as your staff rotates out or you hopefully grow and hire more people. It is important to find a uniform company who you can trust and can get you outstanding products.

3) Consistent Quality

In addition to finding a place that can do more orders for you in the future, also look for one that can maintain consistent look, texture, and quality of the orders. A staff member wearing a second-order uniform should be indistinguishable from someone that got theirs months ago.

4) Branded Colors

If your business is serious about growing, it has a brand that it markets itself with using a name, logo, and colors that are used consistently on anything from business cards to website headers and vehicle magnets or signage. Branding is vital in establishing your presence in your local area as well as national. Your uniforms need to fit seamlessly into all of this.

5) Comfortable materials

Comfortable employees are happy employees, and their productivity and good mood do your business wonders. For instance, there are materials that provide more comfort than others. During the summer, fabrics made of cotton are preferred because of rising temperatures. Cotton has a light weight feeling and helps in staying cool.

6) Easy cleaning

You probably keep your staff busy, and even if not, they’re likely very busy in their personal lives. Give them uniforms they can wash easily in the regular laundry without the need for special treatment like dry cleaning. They’ll show up to work clean a lot more often if they can just put them in with anything else.

7) Durability

The longer a uniform lasts, the less often you’ll have to replace them or repair them. It also helps your employees maintain a clean, neat, professional appearance.

8) Breath-ability

How easily a uniform dispels odors and perspiration goes a long way towards how presentable your employees are, especially ones doing more physical labor, if they are towards the end of their shift, or perhaps if they have excessive sweating. Any shirt you provide them should easily last eight to ten hours of work if not two days or more.

9) Difficult to see through when wet

Even if your employees are often indoors doing light labor or even sitting down in comfortable environments, make sure the uniforms you provide them are not something that is easily seen through, especially when wet. Your female employees might be uncomfortable in them if so, and could make themselves overheat wearing unnecessary undergarments like another shirt. Also, even your male employees are going to feel uncomfortable if their shirts are somewhat exposed in sweat and rain, or even a company picnic water balloon fight.

Now that you know these nine tips in picking great quality uniforms check around online and your community for options to consider. Do not skimp on price either, as paying a little bit more is an investment in both branding and saving money on having to order uniform replacements sooner rather than later.