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Golf Cart Safety Tips For Local Country Clubs

When the weather is beautiful outside, driving a golf cart can offer a great deal of enjoyment. Though golf carts rarely appear to be dangerous, the fact of the matter is that anyone can get hurt” a passenger or a driver” if proper golf cart safety protocols aren’t followed. For your benefit and safety, here are some of the most common safety guidelines to adhere to:

Responsible Driving

It’s important to be entirely responsible as a driver, and that includes keeping your arms and legs inside of the vehicle at all times. Though a brand likeĀ golf carts-Big Muddy Powersports can’t reach very high speeds, seat belts should still be employed if the cart has them. Additionally, refrain from carrying more passengers than you have seats for as it can become dangerous for all those inside of the golf cart.

Things you should never do while driving a golf cart:

*Never text or talk on the phone while operating a golf cart. Any and all types of distractions should be avoided while on the road. Remember that this is a vehicle, and the same rules of conduct should be kept in mind as with a regular vehicle.

*Never operate your golf cart while being under the influence of drugs or being intoxicated. When in doubt, it’s best to ask someone else to drive the golf cart.

*Never endanger pedestrians or other people on the road by choosing to drive recklessly or joyriding with your golf cart. Stay on the safe side of things by using hand signals when switching lanes or turning on the road. Make sure you signal in a way that other drivers can see you.

*Never speed up or use excessive speeds when making turns, driving on hills or notice inclement weather that is setting in. Sharp turns should also be avoided at all costs, and it’s necessary to yield to pedestrians.

Maintaining Batteries

You need to be able to maintain your golf cart correctly, but doing so will bring you into contact with sulfuric acid, gases, and electricity. Since golf cart batteries contain all of the dangerous chemicals listed, you will need to wear protective gear and carefully handle the battery when charging. Most importantly, never smoke around the battery or bring it into contact with fire.


Things to always do with your battery:

*Always charge your battery in a well-ventilated area and never leave the battery charged without supervision.

*Make sure the charging area is free of clutter or anything that may pose a fire hazard.

*Your batteries should be watered appropriately as they can explode when the water completely dissipates.

*Make sure that your battery terminals are entirely free of corrosion. Corrosion can cause sparks and eventually cause an explosion.

Golf cart safety can’t and shouldn’t ever be ignored! Not following proper safety protocol when operating a vehicle of any size can lead to severe accidents and even cause death. Make sure you adhere to guidelines on the road and service your cart correctly to avoid problems.