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Safety Tips From An Apartment Company For The Holiday Season

Most people think of the holiday season as a time to enjoy good company, eat festive meals, and spend time with friends and family. Hopefully, you have many things to celebrate this year and for many years into the future. However, some hazards tend to occur during this time of year that you should be aware of. By taking a little bit of time to protect yourself from crime, you can save yourself a lot of grief.

Apartment Dweller Tips For A Safe Holiday

These are some suggestions that will help keep establishments like apartments in Jackson,TN safe during the holidays and all year long:

* Keep a light on when you leave: Do you plan to travel to visit family over the holidays? If so, you should leave a light on in your apartment to make it look like you’re home. Some burglars know that people leave lights on when they leave, so you might even invest in a timer that turns the lights on at night and shuts them off during the day.

* Be careful with fire: Sadly, the holiday season always sees an increase in home and apartment fires. Be careful when you’re cooking. If your apartment allows you to light candles, make sure you only keep them lit when an adult is around to supervise. Even tiny flames can start large fires.

* Leave a faucet dripping: If it’s going to freeze, some water pipes may be vulnerable to breaking. One way to prevent this most of the time is to leave a faucet dripping in the kitchen and bathroom. Just a tiny drop is enough to keep water moving enough to prevent many incidents of frozen pipes. You can’t control how well your apartment is insulated, but you can take some measures to keep your pipes from bursting and ruining your things.

* Leave the heat on: Even if you plan to leave your apartment for a few days, you should leave the heat on to keep the place from freezing. You don’t have to turn the heat up very high, so you might consider setting it to 60 degrees just to be on the safe side.

* Check electrical decorations before you use them: If you plan to put lights on your tree or balcony, inspect them after you pull them out of your storage closet. Make sure they don’t appear damaged. The last thing you need during this festive season is an electrical fire.

* Take care of Christmas trees: Do you plan to have a natural Christmas tree? If so, make sure you keep it tripped of any dried branches or needles. Also, routinely pick up any that drop because they can cause a fire or tripping hazard. If you have pets, make sure you keep them away from the tree too.

These tips should help you make sure that you have a fun, festive, and safe holiday season if you plan to stay in your apartment or take a trip.