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How To Mow Your Lawn The Right Way This Season

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Mowing the lawn is an art form in some ways. If you are pressed through time, you can possibly find a lawn company who can offer lawn cutting services in your area. Better yet, you can search online for terms like “lawn services near me” to be able to¬† narrow down the best companies closest to you. Lawn mowing seems like an easy enough job to do, but there is a learning curve. Getting the process down pat is going to require a little practice.

You’re going to need more than just a mower, and you’re certainly going to need the right mower that allows you to change to higher mower settings, too. What mower you get will depend on what is best for your lawn and what features you want. For example, do you need a riding lawnmower? If you get a push mower, do you want one equipped with a mulcher?

As for the actual mowing, one of the first things you need to know is that you mow in squares. Every lawn has certain obstacles, and that can make mowing in squares a little difficult at times. Yet that’s the idea, as the back and forth mowing isn’t going to look quite as lovely.

As you form the square and are making your way around, keep the mower where you aren’t taking on only uncut grass. In other words, about half of the width of the mower should be rolling back over a portion of the lawn that has already been cut. If you don’t adhere to that general rule of thumb, you could leave blades of grass, or you could choke out the mower. You don’t want to do either of those two things.

Of course, you’re not supposed to wait too long to mow your lawn. You don’t want the grass to be overgrown when it’s time to mow. For starters, it makes mowing more difficult. Second, in between mowing sessions, you have to worry about the fact that your lawn looks overgrown. All things considered, it’s a good thing to mow your lawn consistently.

While you don’t want your lawn ever to get overgrown, you also don’t want to cut the grass too short. You can end up killing the grass that way, especially in the heat of the summer. You want your lawn to stay green, healthy and weed-free. That being said, to keep your yard green and healthy, you’re going to have to know more than just what it takes to mow the proper way.

It’s also best if you mow when the sun isn’t out in full blast mode, for more reasons than one. While you don’t want to mow in the heat of the afternoon necessarily, you also need to know that you don’t want to do it when the grass is wet.

That means you have to wait if it has rained. It is also better that you don’t mow first thing in the morning while there is a lot of dew on the ground. Doing that would wake the neighbors anyway. If you follow those rules and trim the edges, then you are going to have a beautiful looking lawn each time when you are done mowing.